Training and Development


Economic growth of any nation has long been attributed to the availability of resources, both tangible and intangible. Human capital is thus far the greatest intangible asset recorded in history and it is the key element upon which the success of all sectors is predicated Automotive dealership training is one of the key areas for the growth of the industry and it directly contributes to Skill India mission. With the dealers growing year &year, there is a dearth need for skill & attitude training to make them productive

1.Sales & Product Training:

We help dealer staff to be trained on sales & product to enhance the selling skills.

2. Telephone training:

How to communicate on different type of situations of incoming calls, making outgoing calls, cold calling techniques, when you can and can’t call.

We help dealer team to build a strong telephonic/ call centre team by providing the training.

3.CRM training :

To leverage the CRM to improve the customer experience at dealerships and provide more personalized interactions by this training program

4. Closing the deal :

Most critical & important part in sales pitch is closing. We train the dealer team on the language to use and techniques for sealing the deal

5.About the dealership:

Internal processes, how things run, history of the dealership, current employees, and hierarchy trainings helps the dealer team to understand the vision & mission & work for the common goal of customer satisfaction.

6.Management training:

An auto sales training program to bring an employee from salesperson to sales manager.Using various techniques & training on developing analytical skills .

7.Product knowledge:

Details about the makes and models your dealership sells, trends in the market

8. Outbound Training :

The Outbound Training is a system used to improve the proficiency of candidates through Experiential Learning. As such, removing the gathering of representatives from the genuine workplace into the outside and are allowed some difficult assignment or movement that should be finished by them inside a given time period.

The outbound preparing workshops are high vitality offsite preparing programs for boosting individual and group execution. Through these outbound group building and outbound administration programs aptitudes enhancement happens in zones of cooperation, group holding, correspondence, initiative, critical thinking, basic leadership, inspiration, change, and advancement. Outbound projects are likewise exceptionally viable for grounds to corporate enlistment programs.

The End Result in improved learning and up gradation in skill-set.

The Outbound Training is a technique used to enhance the efficiency of employees through Experiential Learning. In other words, taking the group of employees away from the actual work environment into the outdoors and are assigned some challenging task or activity that needs to be completed by them within a given time frame.

The outbound training workshops are high energy offsite training programs for boosting individual and team performance. Through these outbound team building and outbound leadership programs skills improvement takes place in areas of teamwork, team bonding, communication, leadership, problem solving, decision making, motivation, change and development. Outbound programs are also very effective for campus to corporate induction programs.

The End Result in enhanced learning & retention.

9. Assertiveness Training:

Assertiveness Training is one of the key aspects of our Business Communication Program .This greatly enhances interpersonal skills; hence it plays a vital role in our Leadership programs.

What is communication without assertiveness?

Assertiveness is defined as the ability to stand up for yourself without being overly rude or aggressive at the same time. Those using assertive behavior confront problems, disagreement, or personal discomforts head-on, and their intent is unmistakable to others. Assertiveness is the way of behavior that makes sure that you get the attention and respect that you deserve from other people

10. Email Etiquette Training:

Many employees, customer service representatives and business owners themselves seem lost when it comes to business e-mail etiquette and proper practices to be followed while emailing.
In business, on or off-line, impressions are everything.
Think about it… off-line you notice what people wear, how they present themselves, the quality of their business cards etc.
The very same applies online. As an example, if you e-mail in one liners, do not spell check your email, do not use proper sentence structure or lack basic grammar rules, how do you think that reflects on you and your business? Not good, right?

 Email etiquette and grammar, using CRM templates, customizing templates. This enables dealer team to project their company in a professional manner.

11. Communication Skills:

Communication is at heart of everything we do in business, yet poor communication is a huge problem for business and individuals causing low morale, poor performance and high staff turn over. Most of the communication happens by accident, with wrong messages coming across. If your organization wants to be successful in business, it is worth training the staff to communicate efficiently.

12. Stress Management:

Today, we live in a world full of demands, personal and professional. With the increasing demands, meeting deadlines, increasing productivity, achieving targets, facing competition, our lives have become nothing, but more complex. With so much to accomplish keeping in mind our time constraints, stress is inevitable. The only way to handle a stressful day is to learn how to manage it, this is possible only by acquiring skills on how to handle stress. This course touches on various key aspects such as identifying stress and its causes, approach to stress and dealing with it calmly, changing your attitude and outlook, techniques to overcome stress and working with a positive mind set.

13. Negotiation:

Negotiation is an integral part of creating value for an organization. Your success depends on your skills as a negotiator—regardless of whether you are seeking project resources, deciding on a new hire’s salary, or inking a high-stakes deal for your company.

14.Automotive Service Department Training:

Making more money in Fixed Operations should be every dealership’s goal. Once a car is sold to a customer, there is still a valuable market in the services that can be offered to a vehicle owner. A well-trained service team creates a high impact on the customer & makes the customer a lifetime customer.