About J.D. Power in the Asia Pacific Region

J.D. Power has offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo that conduct customer satisfaction research and provide consulting services in the automotive, information technology and finance industries in the Asia Pacific region.Process Audit -Sales

Following are key findings of the study

  • Majority of female buyers research vehicle online: In this year’s study, 13% of all car buyers are women.  The majority (74%) of women buyers turn to online sources for pre-purchase research. A larger proportion (88%) of them is also choosing to test drive, compared with male buyers (79%). Half of all women buyers request an explanation of key vehicle systems such as audio/ entertainment, safety and maintenance from their dealer after vehicle delivery. 
  • Utilisation of digital device increases satisfaction: 66% of buyers indicate that their sales consultant used a digital device (eg., tablet, smartphone) to facilitate the explanation of the vehicle’s features. Overall satisfaction among these buyers is 847 points (on a 1,000-point scale), compared with 831 points among those who did not experience the utilisation of digital devices. 
  • Enhanced advocacy and loyalty: Sales processes in dealerships have improved since 2016, resulting in an increase in the percentage of buyers who say they “definitely would” recommend their dealer to family and friends (52% in 2016 to 78% to 2018.) 

To help dealers to understand their performance& gap areas as per sales satisfaction index, we conduct the Audit programs.

Process Audits-Services

— Customers who are 30 years and younger expect a higher quality service experience when their vehicle is being serviced, according to the J.D. Power 2018 India Customer Service Index (Mass Market) Study,SM released today. This is significant as the automotive industry in India is continuing to experience an influx of younger customers, with 28% of customers who visit dealerships for service aged 30 years or younger. 

The study finds that younger customers have higher expectations of the service processes executed at the dealerships than more mature customers. The key service process encompasses several aspects, such as the performance of a thorough multi-point inspection around the vehicle; listening back and repeating all customer requests; review and explanation of the work pre- and post-service; and regular vehicle status updates. Satisfaction with the entire service process is lower among these younger customers than among those who are older than 30 years (825 vs. 848, respectively, on a 1,000-point scale). 

Following are additional key findings of the study: 

  • Digitisation helps drive satisfaction: More than half (58%) of customers say that the service advisor used a tablet during the service initiation process. Satisfaction among these customers is higher than among those who did not experience the same (879 vs. 778, respectively). 
  • Engagement drives revenue: Satisfaction is higher among customers who accept their service advisor’s recommendation for additional service work to be performed than among those who do not accept the recommendations (866 vs. 775, respectively). Furthermore, customers who accept additional work generate 12% more revenue than those who do not agree to the advisor’s recommendations. 
  • More customers waiting at dealership during service: During the past five years, the proportion of customers waiting at the dealership during the entire service experience has grown to 31% in 2018 from 21% in 2014. This increase is a result of the faster service turnaround time, with 55% of customers who choose to wait at the dealership saying they received their vehicle back within three hours.
  • To help dealers to understand their performance & gap areas as per sales satisfaction index, we conduct the Audit programs.

Audits – Marketing

A marketing audit is a detailed and systematic analysis of a company’s problem areas in terms of market penetration. The analysis analyses the market environment, the marketing strategies, and company objectives to better see where the company may be falling behind. Marketing plays a very vital role in Automotive Industry. Companies spend a huge amount of funds to market their brands & products. It becomes very important that marketing budget needs to be carefully utilized to enhance productivity.

No matter how many steps an agency takes to conduct a marketing audit, they must assess an organization’s objectives, strategies and activities. We assess 10 key areas of an organization’s marketing efforts before we feel qualified to make recommendations for moving forward. During the audit, we look an operator’s current branding and messaging, website, email, PR/media, advertising and social media metrics.

Let’s understand about the benefits:

1. A marketing audit is only fair for you to understand your budget.

2. Marketing audits remind you of your goals.

3. Your new marketing agency might come back with good news.

4. An audit will uncover problems to address and prioritize for action.

5. A marketing audit gets your team excited for the future.

6. Allowing an agency to conduct an audit lets you test your potential marketing partner.

Advantage – Employee Engagement Surveys

Employees typically leave managers, not companies*.

For example, if your direct manager gives you clear expectations, recognizes your accomplishments, values your opinions, and genuinely seems to care about your well-being, you are significantly more likely to feel positive and loyal toward your company AND motivated to do a great job.

An employee engagement survey program managed by BestMark will:

  • Help your managers understand the morale of their employees and what specific steps they can take to foster a healthy, happy, and productive work environment
  • Provide higher-level leadership with a tool to hold every manager accountable and continually measure and focus on employee engagement improvements
  • Identify and communicate best practices from managers who cultivate the most engaged work environments
  • And more

Performance Insight empowers you to quickly and easily understand:

Business performance to a quality standard

Staff skills, knowledge and capability

The quality of a business against a total network

How to plan and improve business standards

Key performance indicators and results

Our consulting solutions delivers:

Enhanced business performance

Well-defined, long and short-term solutions for business efficiency

More refined solutions that enable clients to enhance the value they provide to their customers

Growth and profitability without driving up costs

A proactive, rather than reactive, plan to achieve your goals

Long-lasting value and measureable results